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Outdoor Clothing Ireland

We stock outdoor clothing from the Top Brands like Regatta, Crag Hoppers, Dare2B and Bear Grylls to name a few. Outdoor Clothing Ireland. At Ramblers Way we pride ourselves in providing discount outdoor clothing to outdoor adventure enthusiasts.  Or if you’re just looking for quality fashionable discount outdoor clothing in Ireland, then you’re in the right place too.

So why is having the right Outdoor Clothing so important?

When venturing outdoors whether it be a walk in the park or hillside, cycling to work an annual hiking trek, camping at a festival, family outgoing you need to ensure your clothing can withstand the weather and your surroundings.  Outdoor Clothing from the Top Brands is made specifically for this purpose however there is many things for you to consider before purchasing your discount outdoor clothing from Ramblers Way to ensure you are equipped correctly for your venture.

Down for Outdoor Wearoutdoor clothing jacket buy online 

  • Very comfortable and light
  • Retains and absorbs odours and will mildew when damp
  • Absorbs moisture readily
  • Excellent insulating properties when dry

Polyester for Outdoor Wear

  • Lighter and softer than other synthetic material
  • Inexpensive, strong and durable
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Poor wicking qualities
  • Examples are Thinsulate, Polarguard, Polartec, Primaloft

Nylon for Outdoor WearOutdoor Clothing Ireland sports wear

  • Blends well with other fibers
  • Low wicking properties and moisture absorption
  • Quick drying and abrasion resistant
  • Melts when on fire
  • Examples are Cordura and Ripstop

Polypropylene for Outdoor Wear

  • Non-allergic, Easy Care
  • Keeps insulative properties when wet
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Repels and wicks water / moisture

Synthetic Fiber Materials for Outdoor WearOutdoor Clothing Dublin waterproof clothing

  • Produced by chemical synthesis
  • Examples are Polyester, Polyproplene and Nylon

The rate of heat transfer through your outdoor clothing depends on

  1. Quantity and thickness of dead air space
  2. Moisture and water
  3. The amount of air that passes through the material


Garment Features and Heat Loss

  • Closures require correct design and proper application: Pockets, Vents, Seam, and Reinforcements


The Layer SystemMen's Regatta Cera II Softshell Jacket

  • Garment layers that can easily be added or removed
  • Underneath
  • Wicking
  • Clothing
  • Insulation
  • Shell


The Under Layer

  • For comfort, discretion and hygiene
  • Socks – One or two pair, should not bunch, and should not cause constriction or abrasion


The Wicking Layerdiscount outdoor clothing

  • Comfort and moisture control
  • Ensure proper fit
  • Materials – Thin Silk or wool, Synthetics such as Capilene, Coolmax, and Polartec


The Clothing Layer

  • Absorb moisture from beneath layers
  • Offer some insulation
  • Comfortable and Loose fit
  • Snag resistant, tear resistant and Durability
  • Consider visible colors


The Insulation LayerOutdoor Wear

  • Traps air between wicking and shell layers
  • Best with multiple layers rather than one thick one
  • Don’t forget about your extremities


The Shell Layer

  • Strong and durable
  • Protects against the elements
  • Consider ventilation
  • Hoods are highly recommended
  • Research wisely: A good shell is an investment


Shell OptionsOutdoor Clothing Fleece

  • Waterproof Shell
  • Water-Repellent Shell
  • Water-Resistant Shell
  • Waterproof/Breathable Shell



  • Protection against insects, dirt, snow, debris
  • Prevent layers from getting wet
  • Usually made of Cordura or ripstop and coated with waterproofing agent
  • Available in two sizes


At Ramblers Way – Durable, Comfortable, Stylish Outdoor Wear for men, women and children.